Mergers and acquisitions

If you are looking to grow your business through either a proposed merger or acquisition, UHY Haines Norton can assist you in all stages of the transaction.

We can undertake the legwork for you, conduct extensive research and after taking all factors into account, provide you with information and the confidence to make an informed decision for your business, thereby minimising potential risks and ensuring that the transaction aligns with your overall business strategy.

We understand that each transaction is unique and the services required for each transaction will differ from business to business based on the requirements of that business and the transaction being considered.  Some of the services we offer to assist with any potential merger or acquisition transaction include:

  • Business valuations;
  • Financial and tax due diligence;
  • Merger and acquisition tax planning;
  • Merger and acquisition cost analysis;
  • Post-acquisition accounting integration; and
  • Analysis of suppliers, targets and business partners.

While some businesses may look to grow via either a merger or acquisition, some businesses are possibly considering the sale or divestment of a business for various reasons ranging from the personal, to the monetary or simply a business decision made by directors or shareholders.

Generally, selling a business involves a number of stages that we can assist you with in order to determine whether a sale or divestment is the best option and to obtain the maximum benefit from the sale including:

  • Determining whether selling or a divestment is the right option for your business;
  • Financial and tax due diligence to ascertain the tax consequences on sale or divestment and structuring the sale in order to obtain the maximum tax advantage;
  • Planning for and preparing your business for sale;
  • Business valuation to set the right sale price; and
  • Review of contracts and assistance in negotiations,

Whether you are looking to merge, acquire, sell or a divestment a business, the professionals at UHY Haines Norton can assist with the transaction.

To find out how UHY Haines Norton can assist your business start a conversation today on 02 9256 6600.