Initial Public Offering

An IPO (‘initial public offering’) is when a company seeks further capital and ‘floats’ shares to the public for the first time.

An IPO allows the company ‘offering’ their shares to tap into a large pool of investors to provide it with capital for future growth, repayment of debt or even for working capital.

IPOs or floats are generally undertaken by small or large privately owned companies who want to expand and list on a stock exchange.

If you are looking to list on a stock exchange to raise funds by selling shares to investors, including members of the public, UHY Haines Norton’s Corporate Tax and Audit & Assurance teams can assist you in all stages of the IPO.  Services we provide include:

  • Corporate structuring or restructuring in readiness for a listing;
  • Preparation of forecasts prior to the listing in order to determine:
    • the appropriateness of the initial share offer price;
    • the long term growth prospects of the company;
    • the anticipated balance sheet strength after the listing; and
    • the company’s earning capacity;
  • Assistance with the preparation and verification of the Prospectus to ensure that it contains essential information about the company, its management team, recent financial performance, future prospects and other related information;
  • Preparation of the investigating accountants report for inclusion in the Prospectus;
  • Forming part of the due diligence committee and assistance with the due diligence process;
  • Filing the Prospectus with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) for approval prior to the Prospectus being made available to the public and enabling potential investors to make informed decisions as to whether they wish to invest in the company; and
  • Liaising with brokers and managing documentation and regulatory compliance during the listing process.

If you are looking to list your company on a stock exchange, UHY Haines Norton can provide assistance in all aspects of the IPO or float process. To find out how UHY Haines Norton can assist your company start a conversation today on 02 9256 6600.