Audit & Assurance

We offer independent audit services designed to add credibility to your financial disclosures, for use by potential investors, creditors and other stakeholders.

Our audit methodology is governed by local and international audit standards and strong internal quality controls, which enable us to consistently deliver high quality audits.

We boast a strong and reputable audit team comprised of technically competent and business savvy individuals who provide you with an independent audit opinion, and innovative solutions to improve internal controls within your organisation.

Our audit and assurance services include:

An external audit provides an independent audit of your financial statements as at a specific date to determine whether they accurately represent the current financial position of the organisation and the results for the period. Therefore helping with investor and stakeholder confidence.

Our audit approach consists of an audit methodology designed to facilitate the effective delivery of a high quality audit.

Core principles

Our audit teams work under the guiding principles of professional integrity, ethical behavior and independence. All activities are supervised by the engagement partner and governed by a set of standards and quality controls applicable to every engagement.

Collaboration & executive involvement

Timely and direct participation by our partners enhances our effectiveness and efficiency, improves communication and provides greater insight.

We provide a user friendly team who are trained to work with discretion, ask the right questions, and leave a small footprint within the organisation throughout the audit process. Our strong record of staff continuity means there are no disruptions from year to year such as; repetition of questions, or limited knowledge of your organisation.

Client satisfaction

We further enhance our audit services through consultation with board members and management to gain insight into our service and to best improve our processes.

Clients are satisfied with our emphasis on two-way communication and ability to exceed expectations.

Our team also offers alternative audit services including:

A review engagement, as opposed to an audit engagement, expresses a limited assurance opinion on financial information. Provision of review services means lower level of assurance than an audit.

If you have something specific that is giving you grief which you would like a little more assurance on, without a full blown audit, our engagement team can help you.

In an agreed-upon procedure engagement, specific procedures are agreed between UHY Haines Norton and you before the commencement of our engagement. Once the subject matter is defined, our team deliver a report based on the specific procedures performed.

Due diligence is the term used to describe doing your research on a business, person, or potential investment before signing the contract. You need to do the hard work first to make sure the financial position and results of the entity as represented by the vendor are accurate.

Do your research

You’re considering acquiring, investing in or merging a business, now it is time to perform an investigation of the potential risks and benefits associated with that decision.

By knowing what you are getting into, and deciding if the potential benefits outweigh the risks, you are better placed to make a more informed decision.

By combining the strenth of experience of our assurance, advisory and tax teams, we assist you in your decision to go ahead or not, and provide advice on the most appropriate structures for tax and management of the acquiree.

In our due diligence report we can include:

  • reliability of financial information
  • potential & current liabilities
  • accounting systems and controls
  • business and industry risks
  • key operational processes
  • critical success factors
  • tax implications, risks & opportunities
  • business synergy & cost saving opportunities
  • management & human resource matters
  • future working capital requirements

Our internal audit service provides a broad range of solutions to companies wanting to strengthen their internal controls including; risk management, assessment and monitoring.

High quality & tailor made solutions

Our methodology incorporates an understanding of the background, objectives, control environment, risk management strategies, regulatory environment, and the needs of external stakeholders of the organisation. This helps us identify areas most critical to your organisational success, and distribute resources more efficiently to target and improve these.

Risk mitigation

Understanding potential risks is instrumental in preparing for the future. Proper assessment and analysis of areas of potential risk will allow you to develop a proactive strategy to prevent or alleviate the risks.

The internal audit function allows us to determine the risk profile of the organisation and add value by identifying processes that require. We follow this up with suggested recommendations.

Fraud is a serious risk to any business regardless of size or stature, so it is important to have all of the facts whether you decide to formally pursue the allegation, or gather evidence for disciplinary action.

Forensic accounting, also known as an investigative audit, brings together the multi disciplinary expertise of individuals within accounting, audit and taxation divisions when conducting an inquiry for the purpose of fraud investigation.

We understand that possible fraudulent activity can be a delicate issue, therefore our forensic accountants act with the utmost discretion and high professional standards when carrying out an investigative audit.

What does the team do?

We conduct our investigation based on agreed upon procedures set out by management or the board, and work with you to gather information, investigate suspicions, and present a comprehensive report of our findings.

Our team analyse more than just the numbers, we draw upon our experience and knowledge to apply rational thought to our investigation and highlight any discrepancies.