RSE & RSE Licensee’s

All aspects of corporate super.

We have a specialist superannuation team that focuses on the assurance and tax requirements for RSE and RSE Licenses. These highly skilled specialists provide assurance and tax services for many large RSE’s and RSE Licensees annually, including: corporate industry and general funds, and pooled superannuation trusts, master trusts and insurance only superannuation funds.

Our depth of experience is gained from servicing many trustees, administrators and the different types of funds. Consequently we are able to offer valuable experience, knowledge and understanding of the controls and systems used by administrators that will allow for a cost effective and efficient service.

Having partners that satisfy all of the eligibility criteria applicable to being an RSE auditor under the Prudential Standards SPS 310 and SPS 520, and vast experience has led to our firm’s recognition as one of the leading accounting firms in the field of superannuation.

Our knowledge base extends to the various types of RSE’s:

  • corporate
  • industry
  • pooled super trusts
  • general

In addition to corporate super, our team can help you with a range of services including:

  • internal audit
  • external audit
  • due diligence
  • compliance
  • accounting
  • tax