Stay current in a rapidly changing environment.

Telecommunications is a revolution, and at the forefront of social and business change. Smart phones, tablets, wireless broadband, social media, web videos, mobile marketing, the list of emerging communications is endless.

With a global reach and focus on speed and access, business must embrace new technology and focus on innovation or risk falling behind.

Many opportunities arise for businesses within the telecommunications industry, as companies adapt new business models embracing digital communication in order to stay connected with their increasingly mobile and outspoken consumers. This is not to say the industry is without its challenges – increased competition, high expectations, a rapidly evolving communication landscape, and vocal consumers present risks if not anticipated and appropriately managed.

UHY Haines Norton’s experts work with mobile, internet, satellite and telecom companies and retailers. As traditional ways of doing business are being challenged, our team is able to help you with advice on meeting regulatory obligations, business structure and strategy development, risk management, taxation and accounting, due diligence and global business opportunities.